Film editing is art. How to edit a film takes years to master and to have

"the eye of an artist". 


"One film say more then 1000 words"

To film is our passion and its how a film is made that sets the mode and feeling.


Everyone can do it with a mobile phone, but not everyone can master it and make it look really good.

That is why an experienced photographer is needed for weddings, portrait, products and documentaries.


 Henrik Zetterström

About Photographer/videographer Henrik Zetterström

First film editing was back in 1994 using two VCR recorders and a CD player. When computers became better, 2001 invested in a second video camera and started to produce family videos on computer with Adobe Premiere. 

As an professional photographer, started in 2004 with wedding photography and product photography, and two years later portrait photography.

Worked extra as a wedding- product- documentory and portrait photographer in Morocco between the years 2011 - 2016 

All knowledge came together 2019 and created a YouTube channel where Henrik Zetterström upload many of his old and new videos/films. 

Sumarex Sweden Film Production

Is a film- and photography filial of Sumarex Sweden. 

Sumarex Sweden Film Production is the media part of Sumarex Sweden for easier access for our media clients for seperation of everything else Sumarex/Sumarex Sweden works with.

Sumarex was first created in Morocco by Henrik Zetterström as an Export/import company for exporting products between Sweden and Morocco. A development from the earlier Maroc company Zetterström Project & IT Morocco. 

Sumarex comes from:


When the owner Henrik Zetterström moved back to Sweden the year 2016, he created one year later Sumarex Sverige (Sweden) that became Sumarex Sweden. 

Sumarex Sweden owns the webshop with over 12 000 products in beauty, cosmetic, romance and kitchen products etc.

The cosmetic brand Flora Oils is owned by Sumarex and creates cosmetic products from 100% pure Argan Oil imported from Morocco.

Sumarex Sweden is also active in accounting, business assistance, IT and health.

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