Stockholm 2020, Södermalm to Odenplan

Agadir, Morocco 2020

Touristic videos

For tourist business, Museums, parks.

Are you a travel agency, or a company who want to make a interesting film about the area of a city or country, we travel anywhere in the world* and make that happen. 


"One film say more then 1000 words"

To film is our passion and its how a film is made that sets the mode and feeling.

Museums and parks, Gärdet and Djurgården

Helsinki, Finland 2020

Odysee Park Hotel, Agadir, Morocco

Gamla Stans Polkagris Kokeri

Commercial videos

Hotels, restaurants, coffes, shops, products, shopping malls

Do you need a film for your store, ski resort or hotel, we be happy to do that for you. 

Café Schweizer Konditori

Comfort Hotel Arlanda, Stockholm

Action Street dance show, full version

Action Street Dance show, midnight

Event videos

For festivals, dance shows, musicals and more. 

We film the festvial or event of your choice in this countries*

IMAX 3D Cinema, Stockholm, Sweden

GREASE school musical

Family videos

Student videos, birthday videos, family holiday videos

18 years of photos and film, editing together in to a longer film, perfect for your childs 18 years birthday or maybe for your childs high school graduation/University graduation.

Or why not for the wedding, a film with photos and film clips the years you been together before the wedding.

We be happy to do it for you. 

Film production

Different film productions

The ide to tell a story, but dont know how... 

Write a story and together can we make it become a short film.

What would you like us to film for you?

Write about your ideas.

Aviation videos

Flight shows, flights, review of different aircrafts.

We film flight shows and do reviews of general aviation aircrafts. ( From beginning of 2021) 

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